Privacy Policy


The personal and non-personal data collected will only pertain to the data needed to complete a purchase transaction for this app. The combination of non-personal and personal data will be considered personal data. Such data will not be stored except for the purchase transaction.   


Any data collected by Apple is separate from the app except for the purchase process and we are not responsible for any data you may provide to Apple.   Once the purchase transaction is completed, we will store only the transaction data (the “Transaction Data”).   The Transaction Data is not shared with others except to complete and document transaction.    

Since advertisements will be included in this app, data provided to an advertiser must be considered separate and independent from this app.  We do not take any responsibility for nor make any representations regarding data provided by you to an advertiser.  

We do not collect data via “cookies” or other methods.   We do not attempt to monitor app user’s behavior.   Apple and advertisers may have user monitoring methodologies such as cookies and if so these are separate from us.   To opt out of any Apple or advertiser contact, you must do so directly with each entity.   You can opt out of Apple contact by going to 

We do not disclose or share data regarding you and your purchase of the app to any party except for those entities involved with the app purchase transaction and for notification purposes.   Apple and advertisers are separate from us and may or may not share data.   

It may be required by law enforcement, litigation, or public and/or governmental representatives anywhere in the world for us, Apple, or advertisers to disclose your personal information.   The decision to disclose or not disclose of personal and non-personal data will be determined in our sole discretion and without notification to you.


Security for your personal and non-personal data is the responsibility of Apple.  Please see the Apple Online Store and iTunes Store policies and procedures for more information regarding Apple’s security policies and procedures.   To the extent that Apple provides us with your personal or non-personal information, we will make a reasonable effort to protect this data. 


We do not provide access to your personal and non-personal data that may have been provided when purchases the app.     


We do not collect or disclose information regarding app purchasers by persons under the age of 13.   Any data collected will be by Apple or advertisers which is separate from us.    Please see Apple’s policies and procedures regarding this issue.   We support Apple’s policies regarding selling apps to children under the age of 13. 


We do not offer Location-Based Services.     Any links to other third party sites and services are related to Apple and/or advertisers which is separate from us.   It is important that you investigate the privacy policies for Apple and any other third parties.


For international customers, we accept the “safe harbor” criteria that have been established by the U.S. Department of Commerce regarding the collection, usage, and storing of personal information collected by entities located in Europe.    All international customers must be aware that all activity and purchases will be through Apple and therefore a customer must review all Apple’s privacy policies.     


If you have any comments or questions regarding our privacy policy please contact us at the following email address:   Our privacy policy is subject to change at any time and without notice other than a change to our website.